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Entrepreneurs Eye Opportunities of Digital Transformation and Green Development in Hainan FTP

source: SSTV        2021-12-09 09:04:25

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With the theme of "Seeking Common Development in the Digital Era and Mutual Benefit in Green Development", the forum held 33 themed activities, covering culture, science and technology, new e-commerce and new consumption. Since the release of the Overall Plan for the Construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port, more than 140 policies have come into effect. Last year, Hainan doubled the number of newly established enterprises, fulfilled investment pledges, the introduction of talents and the sales volume of duty-free shopping. A series of achievements have attracted enterprises to establish a presence in Hainan.

Ding Zuohong, CPPCC member and chairman of Yuexing Group’s director board, said Hainan is expected to become the best free trade port in the world in the future. Their company has a brand called "global port", which offers catering, entertainment and shopping. He hopes it can be landed in Hainan as soon as possible.

China Fortune Media Group released a digital information disclosure service platform, fitted with a series of products and solutions such as the visualization of information disclosure.

“The information disclosure service platform upgrades the traditional information disclosure of listed companies. Hopefully, it can better serve China’s A-share listed companies,” said Guan Ping, deputy general manager of Beijing Huaxin Caixin Technology Co., Ltd.

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