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RCEP Media and Think Tank Roundtable Forum Held in Haikou

source: SSTV        2022-01-28 08:48:59

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On January 23rd, the RCEP Media and Think Tank Roundtable Forum was held online and offline in Haikou. More than 80 experts and scholars from think tanks and media professionals from China, South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, and other countries had in-depth discussions on the theme of "the RCEP Comes Into Effect: New Prospects for Regional Cooperation and Development."

The event is hosted by the Publicity Department of the CPC Hainan Provincial Committee, China Daily, China Institute for Reform and Development, and the Institute of Free Trade Port with Chinese Characteristics. The implementation of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership marks the formation of the world's largest free trade zone. How to promote regional development and cooperation of the RCEP has attracted great attention from around the world.

Chi Fulin, president of China Institute for Reform and Development stated that the policies of the Hainan Free Trade Port should be connected with RCEP, such as the rules of origin and tariff reductions, so that the Hainan Free Trade Port can become an important hub for Chinese enterprises, as well as for RCEP members to enter Hainan and the Chinese market.

“If the idea that the capacity-building center of officials can be implemented in Hainan, it can allow Hainan to play a special role in the RCEP. The construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port has been on the fast track, so we must take advantage of the RCEP to ride the waves and move forward bravely,” said Wu Shicun, president of the National Institute for South China Sea Studies.

At the forum, experts also discussed and exchanged views on topics, such as "RCEP: Regional Economic Integration and Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery and Growth", "RCEP and the Regional Economic Integration", and "Media Think Tank Cooperation Plans and Actions in Promoting RCEP Regional Cultural Exchange."

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