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A year of change in Jiangdong New Area

source: HICN   author : Zhou Chenguang     2022-02-10 08:54:03

With only the finishing touches (such as electrical work and interior fit out) left, the Haikou Financial Centre project in Haikou's Jiangdong New Area officially started the countdown to completion and opening on February 7.

At the same time, the façade of the Jiangdong International Energy Centre (a 5A rated dual usage commercial office space project) and the structural core of the Bank of China International Financial Centre project are also nearly complete.

Today's Jiangdong International Energy Centre

Photo by Wang Chengxian

Let's take a look at photos from this period last year to more clearly see the changes Jiangdong New Area has undergone in twelve short months.

The Haikou Financial Centre project is in the final stages of work

Photo by Wang Chengxian

The Haikou Financial Centre project in March 2021

Photo by Wang Chengxian

The BoC International Finance Centre now rises straight from the ground

Photo by Wang Chengxian

In February 2021, the BoC International Finance Centre project had just begun aboveground construction

Photo by Wang Chengxian

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