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20 Measures to Promote Science and Technology in Hainan

source: SSTV        2022-02-14 09:34:04

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Having come into force on January 1st, 2022, the regulations put forward 20 supporting measures on Hainan’s sci-tech opening-up and innovation, in the fields of policy, finance, talent innovation and entrepreneurship. The main highlights are divided into 5 aspects, including strengthening the condition of opening-up and innovation, the main body construction, creating a sci-tech innovation high-land encompassing land, sea and air, conducting sci-tech cooperation, and building an experimental field for the reform of the scientific and technological system.

Li Wenjun, director of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of Hainan Province told the reporter that the regulations took openness as the main feature, to solve the institutional and mechanism obstacles restricting openness and innovation and the relevant problems. It aims to promote the gathering of innovation resources and the development of science and technology in Hainan.

“We take the initiative to integrate into the global innovation network, and make clear provisions on international scientific and technological cooperation and global talent management services. It defines Hainan’s main responsibilities in the construction of major scientific and technological infrastructures and platforms, as well as the development of the southern seed breeding, deep-sea, and aerospace science and technology,” said Xu Zhongmin, director of the Second Division of Legislation, Department of Justice, Hainan Province.

Li Haixuan, director of Policy and Regulation Planning Division, Department of Science and Technology of Hainan Province said that it proposes that the qualification scope for technology import and export business operators shall be expanded, and the registration of foreign trade business operators shall be canceled. The restrictions on overseas personnel participating in government research and business start-ups for qualified foreigners shall be relaxed. The negative list management is implemented for foreigners' work permits.

The regulations are expected to further promote the agglomeration of innovation factors, facilitate Hainan’s high-quality scientific and technological innovation.

“The formulation of the regulations is an important practice on combining new development concepts with innovation-driven development strategy. It is also a key measure for Hainan to adapt to the development trend of reform and opening-up and explore innovation-driven development with regional characteristics. It is an important milestone to boost the high-quality development of the Hainan Free Trade Port as well as national opening-up and innovation,” said Wang Xian, inspector of Department of Science and Technology of Hainan Province.

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