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Guide to Yanfeng Town in Haikou's Jiangdong New Area

source: HICN   author : Li Xiang     2022-03-30 16:58:51

Sightseeing: endless “forest on the sea”

Located in Yanfeng Town in Haikou’s Jiangdong New Area, Dongzhai Port Nature Reserve is home to the largest coastal mudflat mangrove forests in China. The reserve boasts one of the most beautiful coastlines in the country which twists and turns along a total length of 28 kilometers.

(Photo by Hainan Daily / Zhang Mao)

While you are there, you can take a walk along the waterfront boardwalk or take a boat ride to enjoy a view of the surrounding “forest on the sea” — the mangrove trees, which are known for their amazing ability to withstand saltwater immersion and fight seashore erosion. Your lungs will thank you for the clean, fresh air created by the dense vegetation.

(Photo by Hinews / Jiang Jurong)

(Photo by Hinews / Jiang Jurong)

The rich biodiversity of the mangrove forest also makes it a paradise for bird-watchers. If you are lucky enough, you may sight some of the rare migrating waterbirds who often stop here for a rest, such as the Black-face Spoonbill, Greater Coucal, Chinese Egret, and Peregrine Falcon, for which the reserve has become recognized in recent years.

(Photo by Hinews / Jiang Jurong)

(Photo by Hinews / Jiang Jurong)

Ticket price: free

Food: a feast of six local treasures

While you are in Yanfeng, you shouldn’t miss the mouth-watering delicacies made from six natural local ingredients found in the mangrove forest. Called the "six treasures", they refer to oysters, saltwater duck, local crabs, Bluntnose Snake-eels, Sandworms, and Blood Clams.

Grilled oysters (Photo courtesy of “自贸江东”)

Saltwater duck (Photo courtesy of “自贸江东”)

Steamed local crabs (Photo courtesy of “自贸江东”)

Fried Bluntnose Snake-eel (Photo courtesy of “自贸江东”)

Sandworm Soup (Photo courtesy of “自贸江东”)

Steamed Blood Clams (Photo courtesy of “自贸江东”)

Guesthouses: stay in local villages

Tuckered out from a long day of sightseeing and dining? You are welcome to get some R&R in one of the villages in the area. Check out our recommendations below:

Fangyuan International Art Village

Highlights: traditional courtyard-style houses in north Hainan Island, pastoral landscape

(Photo credit: yandongguoji.com)

(Photo credit: yandongguoji.com)

Lianlizhi Fisherman's Farmhouse Resort

Highlights: typical garden architecture of southern China, local fishing culture

(Photo credit: Xinhua)

(Photo credit: Xinhua)

Haikong Yaocheng Village

Highlights: ancient Qing-dynasty style village, pastoral landscape

(Photo by Hinews / Yao Hao)

(Photo by Hinews / Yao Hao)

(Photo by Hinews / Yao Hao)

(Photo by Hinews / Yao Hao)

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