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Haikou Jiangdong: 218 bird species - can you spot them all?

source: HIMC        2022-06-14 09:21:46

The Dongzhai Port Mangrove Nature Reserve is located in Haikou’s Jiangdong New Area, measuring 65 kilometers in length and covering a total area of 3,337.6 hectares. This was China’s first mangrove nature reserve and remains the country’s largest mangrove nature reserve. This area is known as the Forest Park on the Sea. 

At present, the park is home to 36 species of mangrove in 20 families, the largest number of mangrove species in one park in China. There are 4 species of seagrass, 218 species of birds, 115 species of mollusks, 160 species of fish, 70 species of crabs, and 40 species of shrimp, making this highly biodiverse area a treasure-trove of genetic diversity. The park’s resident bird species include many that bird-watchers are keen to spot, including national key protected birds such as yellow-billed egrets, black-faced spoonbills, white spoonbills, and black-billed gulls.

In the Dongzhai Port National Nature Reserve, flocks of birds fly in from all directions, forming a spectacular feathered wave rolling across the sky. 

The active birds are constantly moving about and chirping to one another as they go about the business of life in beautiful Dongzhai Port. 

Dongzhai Port has many different bird habitats, including rivers, shrimp ponds, mangroves, and mudflats, creating an excellent ecological environment for birds as they migrate, hunt for food, and rear their fuzzy chicks. 

These fascinating birds can be seen everywhere in Jiangdong New Area, and their abundance testifies to the area’s excellent ecological environment. 

The spectacular image of thousand of birds dancing in the air above Dongzhai Port has become a common sight, and the number of species found here continues to multiply. 

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