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Employment service center opens in Haikou’s Jiangdong New Area

source: HICN    author : Li Xiang     2023-01-12 10:59:04

As part of efforts to bring more talent to the area by local authorities, December 30 saw an employment service center open in Haikou’s Jiangdong New Area—one of the eleven key industrial parks for the development of the Hainan Free Trade Port.

(Photo: Hainan Daily)

The new service center will provide a variety of services for the highly-qualified individuals and businesses in the area, including surveying employment needs and organizing promotional activities for enterprises, assisting talented personnel in employment paperwork, and more. Going forward, the newly opened center will also join other established employment service centers in allocating talent resources across the province.

In order to enlarge the talent pool while boosting the development in the area, Jiangdong has made the introduction and cultivation of talent one of its top priorities. In 2022, more than 400 high-level talented personnel were brought into the area, 35% more than a year earlier. Now the park is home to over 750 high-level workers.

In addition to the establishment of the employment service center, a housing project in Jiangdong’s headquarters economic zone is also under construction, and will provide more than 250 apartments to accommodate talent in the area upon completion.

(Photo: Haikou Jiangdong New Area Administration)

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